Terms and Conditions of Vending at FTAG lots If you need to make a change to a scheduled booking you can do so yourself in the Best Food Trucks App up to 6 days before an event and receive a refund. If it is less than 6 days before the event you must call the FTAG Administrator and with as much advanced notice as possible. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the event you will not be able to receive a refund. You also must be on time. This means that your window must be open and you must be serving at the scheduled start time. If for any reason you are running late call the FTAG Administrator, not the lot contact person. Professional behavior of all Food Truck employees while vending at any FTAG lots is of paramount importance and is expected at all times. Failure to follow these terms and conditions can jeopardize potential revenue for FTAG members and can lead to suspension of association privileges including the ability to book FTAG lots. *